Government Affairs

P.I.P.E. was formed to represent the mutual interests of labor and management in the organized pipe trades. In order to support and defend those interests, P.I.P.E. carries out an active role in political and government affairs. P.I.P.E. maintains contact with local city councils, schools boards, and county supervisors to represent the needs of its members. In Sacramento, along with the California State Pipe Trades Council and the Politico Group, P.I.P.E. takes works to study, create and advocate legislation. P.I.P.E. also is heavily involved in the vital area of building codes and standards. It is P.I.P.E.’s philosophy that the main actors in the construction world should have a strong voice in its rules, standards and laws.

California Pipe Trades Council:

The California Capitol building

Current policy initiatives include

Prevailing Wage Standards

Over the years, P.I.P.E. has taken political stands in support of state and federal prevailing wage standards. Through its Los Angeles office, P.I.P.E. submits wage and fringe benefit reports to state and federal officials which form the basis for prevailing wages on publicly-funded projects throughout the region. P.I.P.E. also monitors local government bidding processes for compliance with state law, and files protests where necessary to ensure that local awarding agencies understand and take cognizance of appropriate wage standards.

Project Stabilization and Community Employment

In cooperation with the Los Angeles and Orange county Building Trade Council and the Los Angeles Alliance for New Economy, P.I.P.E. supports a Construction Careers and Project Stabilization policy under consideration the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles.

Water Conservation—Assembly Bill 715

P.I.P.E. was a strong supporter of California Assembly Bill 715, which requires the sale and use of high-efficiency water closets and urinals. The new water closets will use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush, and the urinals 1 gallon; the new standard will be introduced gradually in the years 2010 to 2014, and excludes installations in buildings of historical significance. It is estimated that the new standard will save more than 8 billion gallons of water within a decade of its implementation. The bill was signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger on October 11, 2007.

Construction Technology Academy

P.I.P.E. actively supports bringing trade education back into public schools. Along with community groups, P.I.P.E. supports public policy to create construction academies designed to feed into Union apprenticeship programs. P.I.P.E. supports the creation of a Construction Technology Academy at Los Angeles Dorsey High School, a project which has also gained the approval of Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent David Brewer and Dorsey High principal George Bartleson.

Ongoing and Future Measures

P.I.P.E. remains committed to a Green political agenda whose elements include the adoption of measures to increase the use of appropriate alternative energy sources, conservation and education. Toward this goal we will support new legislation, improvements in codes and standards, and consciousness-raising among our members, elected officials and the general public. The world is ours to build, but also to preserve and maintain for future generations.