At P.I.P.E., we are committed to the enforcement of labor standards on mechanical and HVACR construction performed in the State of California. Labor compliance was one of the principal reasons for the formation of P.I.P.E., and remains an important consideration to this day. Toward this end we monitor public and privately-funded projects from bidding through project award and construction, always seeking to maintain fairness for all contractors.

The entire structure of construction bidding rests upon a foundation of honesty and fair dealing. If contractors do not obey the law, they obtain an unfair advantage over law-abiding operators, especially in the area of public works construction.

When necessary we investigate violations of labor standards, submitting our findings to state, federal and local authorities for resolution. If you have questions or problems regarding the conduct of any contractor, or if you have a suspected violation of wage or labor standards to report, please contact our offices. We will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

Please contact Labor Management Compliance Council:
(213)385-5622 ext.100

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