Welcome to PIPE

A 3-way partnership between Labor, Management, and the customer.

P.I.P.E. was formed in 1980 to improve communications between labor and management, to explore joint approaches to problems and to prevent potential problems, to improve occupational safety and health and other working conditions.

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A worker wearing a protective helmet that covers the front and top of the face. The worker is using a welding too.

Programs at PIPE

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P.I.P.E. Careers

Looking for a new career in the piping industry?
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Certifications & Training

Acquire all necessary certifications & job training
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Enforcing Labor Standards on construction performed in California
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The California Capitol building

Government Affairs

P.I.P.E. carries out an active role in political affairs
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Two construction workers wearing white hard hats and reflective safety vests overlooking a construction site

Insurance & Workers Comp for Contractors

Contractors and Workers Insurance Agency, Inc.
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Codes & Standards for Safety

P.I.P.E. participates in code & standards organizations
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Building Green

What is a green building? It might be better to ask what it is not. All of us, contractors and workers alike, have been constructing non-green buildings for over a century. Until recently that meant installing, maintaining and repairing systems whose only object was to meet a specification and satisfy a customer. In other words, to bring water, heat, and take away waste in the most efficient, safe, and economical manner. Doing this was, and remains, our business.
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